Following the dissolution of his previous band, Renwar formed LIGHTLORN as a solo project in 2021. After writing and recording a few songs, he enlisted Riaan to handle the drums. The result of this collaboration was Lightlorn’s highly praised debut EP These Nameless Worlds, released in 2022. Following the release of the EP, Renwar immediately started composing the seven songs that would become the debut full-length At One with the Night Sky. Although not a concept album, there is a common theme throughout: humanity’s relationship to the stars – that the stars are not something above us, but that our planet and species are an intrinsic part of the greater universe. Brimming with dark, melancholy passages and wistful bridges interspersed with soaring crescendos and uplifting melodies, At One with the Night Sky is a post-black metal tour de force. From the opener Amongst Stellar Remnants to the closing track Earthbound, the album takes the listener on a sublime journey through the inner depths of the human psyche to the outer reaches of the cosmos. If you enjoy contrasting song structures and the interplay between light and dark, between stirring and gloomy, and between serene and aggressive, then At One with the Night Sky is an album you need to hear.

Renwar: Vocals/All instruments
Riaan: Drums/Programming