EPHIALTES’ debut album ‘Melas Oneiros’ is an aggressive, anthem-laden Melodic Blackened Death Metal with a traditional Heavy Metal feel to it. A peculiar, explosive blend which the band itself decided to call Heavy Metal of Death. The name of the band derives from the Ancient Greek word “ephiáltēs (ἐφιάλτης)”, meaning “nightmare”, which in turn derives from the “ephàllomai (ἐφάλλομαι)”, composed of two elements: “epí (επί)” (upon, on) plus “állomai (ἅλλομαι)” (assault, climb, uphill, jumping, jump) because, in reference to a popular belief, the nightmares were nicknamed “one who climbed over the body of the dormant”. Ephialtes. One who leaps upon. The nightmare. The history of Ephialtes started over the course of the global pandemic. During that period the band’s driving force Przemysław Tomasz Olbryt alias Quazarre (also known from Devilish Impressions, Asgaard, ex-Crionics) had been hard at work on what would later turn to be their debut album, ‘Melas Oneiros’. He had then asked his bandmates from Devilish Impressions to join in for both, the recording sessions as well as for the new band’s future live performances. Another figure to compliment ‘Melas Oneiros’ is Marcus Edvardsson from Sweden’s Souldrainer, who’s responsible for the parts of epic, choir-like synthesizers on the album. Recording commenced in 2021 at different locations in Poland and Sweden (Icaros Studio, Metallfabriken Studio, Studio Młyn) and was completed in the following year under the helm of Przemysław Nowak at Impressive-Art Studio. Indeed, the final result is not only brave but also utterly meticulous in its vision of how the Melodic Blackened Death Metal might sound like nowadays. ‘Melas Oneiros’ is a tremendous, collosal album full of catchy, hook-laden riffs, epic slow-downs and haunting melodies all immersed in a dark, somber but beautiful atmosphere. It is the perfect blend of Black, Death and Heavy Metal.

Przemysław Tomasz Olbryt (Quazarre): Vocals/Guitars
Marek Tuskowski (Tzar) : Bass
Adam Niekrasz (Avernatus): Drums
Marcus Edvardsson: Synthesizers (guest studio appearance)