SHUNYATA: After spending a year under temporary monastic vows at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Valukatva (Soul Annihilation) struggled with the process of returning to the modern, busy, and materialistic world. The lyrics were inspired by time spent in meditative retreat as well as the doubts, internal conflicts, and negative reaction to our society from the perspective of a former Buddhist contemplative. After deciding not to take lifetime monastic vows, Valukatva and Null (Rêx Mündi, Ashen Wings, Cerulean Dawn) agreed to create a black metal project together. Thus, in late 2017, Shūnyatā was born. In Valukatva’s final months in the residency, against the rules of the monastic order, he began sneaking off to strum on an acoustic guitar. This is when he began composing the music for the album The Dark Age. Upon Valukatva’s return to New England, Null reached out to Absutheon (Dark Was The Night) and Meraxes (Ashen Wings, Venenum Dei) to complete the lineup. Shūnyatā finished the songwriting and began recording at Null Set Studios. Shūnyatā played local New England metal shows throughout 2018 and 2019. During the pandemic Shūnyatā finished recording The Dark Age and is now working with Black Lion Records to disseminate this message.

Valukatva: Vocals/Guitars
Absutheon: Guitars
Meraxis: Bass
Null: Drums