Playing Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal, SAILLE built a firm reputation for their impressive live performances on festivals all over Europe in the past years. SAILLE is a five-piece, with members residing in Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium. After a rough period of time, SAILLE felt the need for a dramatic make-over, seeking a deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Visually and soundwise SAILLE improved immensely and a new frontman was announced: Jesse Peetoom is two metres of charisma, musical talent and vocal power. Therefore, their fifth album ‘V’ has an importantly much darker, heavier approach and sound. Since their inception in 2009, SAILLE has released five acclaimed full albums. With every song sounding unique and full of riffs, savage drumming, thunderous bass and excellent vocals. Lyrically SAILLE deals with ‘The fearful, the uncanny and the weird’.

Jesse Peetoom: Vocals
Reinier Schenk: Guitars
Juanjo Pérez: Guitars
Kristof Van Iseghem: Bass
Tony Van den Eynde: Drums

Spain + Netherlands