ONHEIL consists of 5 experienced musicians having recorded many records and played tons of live shows. Although ONHEIL works with professional producers, artists, photographers and music video makers were possible, several members have additional skills in music production, design, video & animation, web development and photography. This all adds to the quality of their releases, promotional materials and online presence making ONHEIL the well-oiled metal machine it is. On stage, Onheil is an unstoppable metal machine, where furious blast beats, fast thrash metal-like riffing, headbanging heavy metal riffs and atmospheric melodic intermezzos deliver a highly energetic performance. Every show ends up in a true metal party. Lyrically, Onheil is firmly grounded in reality. The subjects range from war and social issues to personal struggle and mental illness, all binded by the realization that we live in a fucked up world. We like to take a bird’s eye view and then hold up a mirror to humanity to show them what they really are, even if the subject of the lyrics are provocative and extreme.

Amok: Vocals/Guitar
Wrok: Guitar
Káosz: Guitar
Waanzin: Bass/Vocals
Toorn: Drums

The Netherlands