ONDFØDT started in April, 2013 when founding members Owe Inborr and Mikael Kåll decided to start a new raw black metal project. They spent a couple of days in the studio and soon Ondfødt’s first EP entitled “I” was released independently. The release of the EP turned out to be a success and it didn’t take long until all copies were sold out. Ondfødt immediately started to work on new material and signed a deal with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their debut album. After the release of the first EP Ondfødt recruited three new members: Bassist Dario Vujocevic, Drummer Simon Bondegård on Drums and Guitarist Juuso Englund. During the recordings of Ondfødt’s debut, Simon Bondegård unfortunately had to leave the band and Vocalist Owe Inborr jumped in as replacement during the recordings.In 2017 vocalist Owe started to write new music for their upcoming album “Dödsrikets Kallelse”. In 2018 Ondfødt entered Wolfthrone Studios for the second time and started the recordings. This time they got vocalist “Mathias Lillmåns” from “…and oceans, Finntroll” to guest as vocalist on the track “No Ere Jo Satan” which they later made a music video of. The album got released on CD, Vinyl and Digitally in early 2019. After the recording of “Dödsrikets Kallelse” in 2018 Owe started again to write new material for the third album “NORDEN” and together with guitarist Juuso they shaped a new sound for the band. The recording phase of “NORDEN” took place in 2019 at Wolfthrone Studios and this time they got “Jacob Björnfot” from “KVAEN” to perform 2 solos on the album. On the tracks “Han Bor I Skuggona” and “Gifti Från Tadjin” you can hear his performance. Norden got released on CD, Vinyl and Digitally in summer 2021.In December 2021 Dario joined the band again but this time as guitarist and decided together with Owe to bring back Ondfødt live once again after almost 9 years away from the stage. In early 2022 “Tommi Tuhkala” (Outlaw, KVAEN) joined the band as their permanent drummer. In April 2022 Ondfødt released the first glimpse of the band live again by releasing two “live in studio” videos together with session basist Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns (Finntroll, …And Oceans). After that Owe started to write new songs for their 4th full-length “Det Österbottniska Mörkret”. Later in the summer the band joined “Black Lion Records” to release their 4th album. In september 2022 “Joel Notkonen” joined the band permanently as their basist and together they shaped up the songs to it’s fullest and started the recordings once again at “Wolfthrone Studios”. In December 2022 Ondfødt had their comeback gig at “Black Sheep Pub & Terrace”. The concert was filmed and recorded professionally by “Wolfthrone Studios and got released by “Black Lion Records” at 31 December 2022.

Owe Inborr: Vocals/Guitar
Dario Kåll: Guitar
Joel Notkonen: Bass
Tommi Tuhkala: Drums