Shrouded in violence and wildness, KVAEN is a solo project by Swedish musician Jakob Björnfot (The Duskfall and Autumn Death). Walking the path of flesh and bone, KVAEN plays black metal with speed, pagan, and Viking metal influences. The debut album, ‘The Funeral Pyre’, is slated to drop on 28 February 2020 digitally and on CD under the banner of Black Lion Records. Funeral Pyre delivers well-executed black metal, exploring the 80’s infernal speed metal reign and breathing the vision of Viking age, cold steel, death, and Ragnarök. Charged with diabolic melodies, this album grabs the listeners and takes them on a wild ride through mysterious barren wastelands of northern Sweden. KVAEN keeps the listener engaged with a knife against the throat until the last moment of Funeral Pyre. The album features contributions from various musicians, including Sebastian Ramstedt (Necrophobic, ex-Nifelheim) and Perra Karlsson (In Aeternum, Nominon, ex-Destroyer 666).

Jakob Björnfot: All instruments