KOZORIA’s signature sound is built on crushing riffs, a massive wall of choirs and a blend of melodic and guttural voicelines. The French quartet’s style stands at the crossroads between Gojira’s aggressive intensity and Devin Townsend’s eclectic music, with deep roots in thrash and death metal along with a progressive and modern touch. In its upcoming debut album to be released in October 2024, Kozoria captured a dark and visceral energy. Kozoria signed a deal with Swedish label Black Lion Records for the release of its debut album. Kozoria was selected to contest in the final round of Wacken Metal Battle to represent France at Wacken Open Air for 2023. Live performances of Kozoria are intense, dynamic and interactive. Kozoria has a serious experience of stage and professional environment, playing in concert halls and festivals across France (Keudfest, Normandy Metal Fest, Metal Story, Rock’n’Live, etc.) and alongside renowned bands such as Kadinja (FR), Havamal (SE) and Molybaron (FR).

Julien Perdereau: Vocals/Guitars
Kevin Delcourt: Guitars
Bertrand Janicot: Bass
Pierre Gelinotte: Drums