DUSKWALKER are a 4 piece Canadian death metal band. Formed in 2015, the band blends extreme and traditional metal. Duskwalker continues to push their musical limits while stripping back with an aggressive and raw production. Their 3rd album ‘Underground Forever’ represents the bands current sonic template, hard hitting anthemic death metal injected with thrash and rock.  After releasing their debut in 2016 and second album in 2019, Duskwalker went on to win Canadian Niagara music awards for best metal group of 2019 & 2020. The band gains traction playing live in the Canadian underground while infiltrating the U.S scene in New York State, and the midwest festival Full Terror Assault, opening for iconic bands such as Hate Eternal, Suicidal Tendancies and Crowbar. “Remember that time an angry Erik Rutan and a snarky Dave Mustaine went into a room and Rutan emerged with bloody knuckles, then sat down to read a stack of Van Halen biographies? Duskwalker do. In fact, they may have written that screenplay.” – Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine.

Joey Scaringi: Vocals
John Robinson: Guitars
John Neadow: Bass
Cale Costello: Drums