DISLOYAL was formed in the beginning of 1997 in Ketrzyn (Poland). In December 1997 the band entered SELANI studio in Olsztyn, where under the guidance of sound-engineers and producers such as Doc (VADER) and Simon (ex-PROPHECY) recorded its debut called “DESIRE”. It allowed DISLOYAL to expand their activity and gave the opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience. “DESIRE” has been very well-received in the underground scene and beyond it, as shown by the excellent reviews and a number of interviews in various metal music magazines, radio presentations, participation on a variety of compilations. In 1998 DISLOYAL signed a deal with Creativ PRODUCTION from Poland, which released „Desire”. In the end of 1998 in the competition for the best band of the Warmia-Mazury region, DISLOYAL took a place alongside such bands as VADER and CHRIST AGONY. In December 1998 DISLOYAL visited SELANI studio again and recorded their debut LP, which was called “PESSIMISTIC” and also shoot the first video for the song “THE PAIN OF EXISTENCE”. The whole record was kept in climates of technical and melodic death metal. The band signed to DEMONIC RECORDS and in June 1999 set off on the first tour as a support for the well-known Polish brutal death metal masters DEVILYN. During this PAIN DOMINATION TOUR`99 DISLOYAL performed in the biggest cities in Poland, where they were really positively and warmly received. In June 2000 album „AVENGER” appeared in CD version, which contained two re-mastered previous releases: the demo “DESIRE” and the album “PESSIMISTIC” as well as few bonus tracks. In May 2003 musicians entered “HERTZ STUDIO” and recorded the next album “THE KINGDOM OF PLAGUE”. These were 10 tracks in the climate of brutal death metal and cover of IMMORTAL’s “Blashyrkh” as a bonus. In the beginning of 2005 the band signed a contract with REDRUM 666 label from Warsaw to release this CD. DISLOYAL played numerous shows and festivals in Poland and neighboring countries, among them a minitour with American old school death metal legend – MASTER. Since March 2007 DISLOYAL’s new session bassist became ARTYOM SERDYUK from the Belarusian technical death metal band DEATHBRINGER. In June 2007 the recording session of the new material started in the band’s home studio and lasted until September 2007. It resulted in 9 brutal death metal tracks united under the name „PROPHECY”. In the spring of 2008 DISLOYAL signed a deal with the German label NO COLOURS RECORDS, which was followed by the European premiere of “PROPHECY” in April 2008. After this release ARTYOM entered the main line-up as a guitarist, and starting from 2009 DISLOYAL took a break in the concert activity and ARTYOM and JARO began working on the new material. Thus began a completely new phase in the band’s history. The musicians had a very thorough and careful approach to the creation of the album and finished working on it only in the beginning of 2012, also because ARTYOM had to devote time to other bands, in which he performed: DEATHBRINGER, THY DISEASE, AMENTIA, WOE UNTO ME. In August 2012 the band entered MONROE SOUND STUDIO and recorded the most powerful, technical and significant album in the history of the band, which was called “GODLESS”. It was released in summer 2015 via Japanese label GHASTLY MUSIC / AMPUTATED VEIN RECORDS and was officially distributed by PLASTIC HEAD / CODE 7. Promoting the new release DISLOYAL toured extensively in Poland, Germany and Eastern Europe. The band started working on the new album in 2019 but had to take a break due to the pandemic and finished recording and mixing in the end of 2022.

Konstantin Kolesnikov: Vocals
Artyom Serdyuk: Guitars
Yahor Liatkouski: Guitar
Kolya Kislyi: Bass
Jaroslaw Paprota: Drums