CARVED MEMORIES is a melodic death metal band originated Costa Rica now settled in Germany. Carved memories refers to how everything we do, experience, feel and so on carves onto ourselves, in a sense of something that will be forever engrained on who we are, how we act, think, feel and so on. This denotes the deepness of absolutely all experiences/memories we have. Our music is a very emotion-filled symphonic death metal, looking to portray strong emotions on the aggression and power of the voice and base instruments (drums, rhythm guitars, bass) combining with melodic lead guitars that meld the aggression of the music and serve as segway to the symphonic elements of the orchestral arrangements and additional elements included to the music. The intention of our music is to carve into our listeners and drive intentionally powerful music and lyrics with the outlook of emotional empowerment, encouragement and emotional release all this within our own perception of the music as it was conceived with this purpose. The band’s image, as is its music, is a very emotionally-filled expression. The military-like outfits are meant to express a life full of battles, victory and defeat as it’s the belical realm and is well known for all of humanity as is, as such, the makeup on the band members is to denote an inhuman entity, an absolute separation of a regular human being, but rather a representation of how all these emotions transcend and even on positive notes mark each of us as such. Finally, the expression of the band is to be very intense, lots of different emotions are to be displayed, in emphasis the despair, anger, desperation, among others, mostly to mark how this corrode and carve within us, as the expression on stage is to be denoted in the same way, full of intensity and a full display of the emotions of each song. Plenty of shows were played on the Central-American region and a short European held on 2014. After a period of adjustment and a shift on the organization, Carved Memories re-ignited and since 2019 has been rehearsing and setting the organization up for a new release including, image, sound and line-up which is transcribing to our production of our new, launching the band out on it’s new base at Berlin.

KV : Vocals/Guitars
Raven: Bass
Butcher: Drums

Costa Rica